Book Review in 140 words - The Power of Fifty Bits

I don't know why but I've always associated audiobooks with old people. Until this week, when I finished listening to my first audiobook - The Power of Fifty Bits by Bob Nease.

Normally I would take about a week to finish reading a 200+ page book, but thanks to my premium Scribd membership which offers 1 free audiobook per month, I decided to try listening to the book instead. I finished it in less than 2 days, and found myself much more focused during the process. I even took notes and I've decided to share my thoughts on the book in exactly 140 words. Here we go:

Book Review:

"In a nutshell, Bob explains how to move people from good intentions to good behaviors - called the intent gap. He does this by taking an engineering approach to a problem that has traditionally relied on authority and incentives for solutions. First, he breaks down the intent gap (why people don't act on their good intentions) into inattention and inertia. Next, he offers 3 powerful strategies (followed by 3 enhancing strategies) to solve either inattention or inertia or both. He borrows from the recent findings of behavioral economists but also offers his own insight as a former chief scientist at a healthcare company. Personally, I was quite interested in the "Pre-Commitment" strategy proposed in Chapter 4. I also enjoyed his last chapter, an optimistic outlook for the future that requires more economists to don the hat of a 50 bits designer!"

If you would like to purchase the book, click The Power of Fifty Bits