Book Review in 140 words - Are You Fully Charged

So apparently, making 'surprise' plans with a loved one is not a good idea. At least according to Tom Rath, the author of the book Are You Fully Charged, the book that I read this week through my Scribd premium membership. He decided to tell his wife about his honeymoon plans in advance because of research that shows that the 'anticipated utility' of the plan (in simpler words, looking forward to the event) provides even more happiness and well-being than the event itself. More bang for your buck, if you will!

I wonder if this explains why my family isn't overly excited when I show up unexpected and say 'Surprise!'...

Anyway, on to my 140 word review.

"Tom writes for the masses. And that's great. But if you are a freelancer like myself, you've probably already found meaning in your work (beginning chapters of his book); and you're also more energized than most people around you (ending chapters of his book). So I'd recommend that you skip to the middle section of his book that emphasizes interactions and how to make them count. In short, be 80% positive 20% negative; ignoring is actually worse than negative feedback (yeah!); put your phone away already; motivate through 'group' incentives not individual; use specific positive feedback; and finally - sit less, sleep more! Overall, the book is a good read organized into many small actions. But how do you get people to take those actions Tom? People generally know what to do, they just can't get themselves around to doing it."

If you would like to buy the book, click Are You Fully Charged?